COLUMBUS Brokerage Event: "Knowledge from research on Lightweight materials and advanced joining techniques for the maritime industry" hosted by MDCE
22 Jun 2017 11:00 am - 3:45 pm
Center of Maritime Technologies e.V.(CMT) in cooperation with Maritime Development Center (MDC), TINV and the Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engeneering Foundation (DSNAME) invites you to a workshop on constructing technology within the maritime industry. The aim of the workshop is to gain knowledge and benefit from research. We also desire to put a spotlight on the further development of these technologies. What does it mean for the upcoming new-buildings?
By participating, you get firsthand knowledge, when our two speakers share their perspective of the subjects. Afterwards, we will discuss the presented material, seeking a total coverage of the given insight. We invite you to contribute with your questions and comments, in order to create a lively debate with a great outcome.

Topics to be addressed:
- Lightweight Material (Fibre reinforced plastics) for maritime applications (SOLAS Vessels and OFFSHORE)
- Joining techniques for multi-material structures (Bonding) and steel structures for special purposes (Friction Stir Welding)

Content Overview:
Lightweight material and advanced joining techniques are in many industrial applications state of the art. However, in maritime the application of above-mentioned technologies has only touched the offshore sector as well as commercial shipping/shipbuilding. This workshop will give an end-user based view on the technologies, their benefits, risks and the next steps towards a wider application.

The participants will get an overview about the technologies including pros, cons and bottlenecks. In the discussion and Q&A slot, we are happy to receive feedback from the end-users on their expectations, needs and requirements.

The workshop will contribute to the next research projects. The overall aim is to offer a wider variety of designs and materials to boost the economic and ecologic impact (in a positive way, off course).

1200 Lunch
1300 Welcome
1315 Introduction:Lightweight materials
1330 Designs and Rules
1400 Applications and Best Practices
1430 Q&A
1445 Break
1500 Introdution: Joining techniques for multi-material and steel
1515 Design and Rules
1545 Applications and Best practices
1615 Q&A
1630 Conclusion


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