Knowledge on discards: A dialogue with the European Fisheries Control Agency

Knowledge Transfer Activity: "Knowledge on discards: A dialogue with the European Fisheries Control Agency"

2 Feb 2017

Vigo, Spain

COLUMBUS Knowledge Transfer Fellows on Governance and Fisheries identified knowledge from the Life-ISEAS, DISCARDLESS and MINOUW projects of relevance to the European Fisheries Control Agency.  These Knowledge Outputs were presented at a meeting in Vigo, Spain, on 2 February 2017. The meeting was intended to inform EFCA of new scientific evidence that might support its actions relating to fishing discards and the application of current regulations, and provide a platform for EFCA to provide feedback on knowledge needs from their perspective.

Meeting agenda and report  
COLUMBUS - Life-iSEAS initiative for a science-policy dialogue with the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) about recent research and monitoring activities on discards

Agenda (.pdf; 530 kB)

Report (.pdf; 1.06 MB)

European Fisheries Control Agency  
Introduction: EFCA activities for supporting the implementation of the Landing Obligation Slides (.pdf); 1.52 MB
DiscardLess: Strategies for the gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries  
What can science do to help with the landing obligation? Slides (.pdf; 2.03 MB)
iSEAs: Knowledge-based innovative solutions to echance adding-value mechanisms towards healthy and suystainable EU fisheries  
Drivers and incentives for discarding: socio-economic implications and quatification of discards in target fisheries Slides (.pdf; 1.01 MB)
Discards in North Spanish Iberian trawl fisheries: Quantification of discards in target fisheries Slides (.pdf; 2.07 MB)
Socioeconomics of Discards Slides (.pdf; 1.62 MB)
Development of a fish discards SDI optimization of the fishing activity monitoring towards the sustainability of resources Slides (.pdf; 7.41 MB)
Definition and testing for an iObserver Slides (.pdf; 1.06 MB)
Definition of a real fully operative on-board and in-land pilot facility for discards valorization and management Slides (.pdf; 1.87 MB)
MINOUW: Science, technology and society iniative to minimize unwanted catches in European fisheries  
The problem of discards Slides (.pdf; 1.51 MB)
Reducing discards Slides (.pdf; 2.35 MB)

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