2nd COLUMBUS Annual Conference - November 2017

2nd COLUMBUS Annual Conference: "Achieving  Impact from Marine Research"

07 Nov 2017

Brussels, Belgium

An international forum to bring together actors interested in sharing best practice and learning about initiatives and sectoral progress in Knowledge Transfer. This conference will offer an opportunity to collaboratively explore the barriers and challenges, and possible solutions, to achieving the impact potential of marine and maritime research, at all stages of the funding cycle. This conference is intended for all those who are invested in achieving greater impact from marine and maritime research: such as funding agencies and evaluators, impact professionals, research organisations, potential recipients of research findings (e.g. industry and policy), and researchers themselves.

COLUMBUS Scene Setting, Insights and Experiences  
Implementing COLUMBUS into Funding Agencies Hans Pirlet, VLiZ 
(COLUMBUS Partner)
Existing Knowledge Transfer Initiatives Sofia Alexiou, NERC-NOC
(COLUMBUS Partner)
Clustering Knowledge for Policy Needs Rosa Fernandez, CETMAR 
(COLUMBUS Competence Node and Work Package 5 Leader)
Success in Knowledge Transfer  
SenseOCEAN – A Successful Marriage of Industry and Science Doug Connelly, NOC
(External Advisory Board)
Access and Benefit Sharing – The Story of a Science-to-Policy FP7 Spin-Off Thomas Vanagt, eCOAST and ABS-int
Success in Knowledge Transfer: How Devotes Project Outputs Have Been Used to Inform Policy Ángel Borja, AZTI-Tecnalia 
(External Advisory Board)
The UK Marine Knowledge Exchange Network (MKEN): Building Impact Capacity - Stimulating Research-Driven Solutions for The Blue Economy Katherine Kennedy, Blue Ltd
Towards a Future of Impactful Research  
Impact Beyond Research: Financing Blue Growth Torsten Thiele, Global Ocean Trust
Linking Research and Policy: The implementation of the landing obligation in the Baltic Sea Miguel Nuevo, European Fisheries Control Agency
Optimizing Research for Impact and Achieving Sustainability J. Reid Hole, Nord University 
Evolution of Approaches to Impact from FP7 to Horizon 2020 Donal Murphy-Bokern, Independent Consultant 
Maximising Impact through Engaged Research Sarah Bowman, Trinity College Dublin


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