3rd COLUMBUS Annual Conference - February 2018

3rd COLUMBUS Annual Conference: "Making Marine and Maritime Research Count"

24 January 2018

Brussels, Belgium

An opportunity to discover COLUMBUS’ Knowledge Transfer activities and outputs, and stimulate discussions on the barriers, challenges and potential solutions to optimise the research system and achieve measurable impact. This event is targeted towards knowledge generators and research institutes; users of marine and maritime research (industry, policy, science and society); and, funding agencies.

COLUMBUS Pathways to Impact  
A high-level overview of the COLUMBUS project activities and achievements to date. This will be followed by a panel discussion with COLUMBUS partners involved in the Knowledge Transfer process.Philippe Valette, Nausicaá
(COLUMBUS Partner)

PresentationIntroduction to COLUMBUS and Overview of COLUMBUS’ Knowledge Transfer Activities by David Murphy, AquaTT (COLUMBUS Strategic and Operational Lead)

Panel: The COLUMBUS journey - An interactive interview style format to exchange experiences and insights, and reflect on the COLUMBUS journey, as experienced by: 

  • Thomas Thøgersen - COLUMBUS Fisheries Fellow, DTU Aqua/Independent Consultant
  • Keegan Porter - COLUMBUS Marine Biological Resources Fellow, AquaTT
  • Jennifer Fox - COLUMBUS Marine Physical Resources Fellow, Aquatera
  • Meike Neufeld - COLUMBUS Maritime Transport and Logistics Fellow, CMT
  • Georgia Bayliss-Brown - COLUMBUS Work Package 2 Leader, AquaTT
  • Cristina Costa - COLUMBUS Work Package 4 Leader, EurOcean
  • Rosa Fernandez - COLUMBUS Work Package 5 Leader, CETMAR
  • Simon Powell - COLUMBUS Work Package 6 Leader, Marine South East


Alistair Lane, EAS

Experiences in Value Creation  
Knowledge Transfer practitioners will explore synergies, commonalities and differences in approaches to achieving value creation from research investments.  

Panel: The following Knowledge Transfer practitioners will explore synergies, commonalities and differences in approaches to achieving value creation from research investments:

  • Efthalia Arvaniti, Submariner Network
  • Gareth Davies, Aquatera
  • Jan-Bart Calewaert, European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet)
  • Sveinn Margeisson, Matís


Erika Sela, Innovatec

Presentation: An Introduction to the Blue Society Concept (including Blue Society Awards) by Philippe Valette, Nausicaá (COLUMBUS Partner)
Barriers and Challenges to Impact in Marine and Maritime Science  
A number of barriers and challenges to achieving impact in the research system will be considered. The results of a flash survey of the COLUMBUS network will be presented outlining perspectives on the key challenges and barriers at three key stages of the research lifecycle: pre-project, project implementation and post-project.  
Interactive Forum: Attendees will be provided with the opportunity to vote on and discuss the importance and significance of these barriers and challenges.


David Murphy, AquaTT

How can we better optimise the research system to ensure impact resulting in value creation?  
COLUMBUS is one of many strategic actions supported by the European Commission to help achieve impact from its research investments. Reflecting on the day and their own experiences, the final panel will discuss what potential actions should be carried out going forward.  
Panel: The following high-level research managers discussed 'what strategic actions are needed to further optimise the research system?':
  • Dominique Darmendrail, Water JPI
  • Kathrine Angell Hansen, JPI Oceans
  • Marisa Fernandez, CETMAR
  • Sheila Heymans, European Marine Board


David Murphy, AquaTT


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